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Channeling blissful parenting

Are you tired of yelling, screaming, and shouting at your kids? Are you over the constant power struggles you have with your kids? Do you feel like you don’t know what to do or say during tantrums? Are your kids displaying BIG emotions and you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working? Are you noticing your kids lack self-esteem or hear them say “I can’t do this” “I’m not good at this” “this is too hard” and give up trying? 

My mission is to equip children, teens, parents caregivers, and educators with a TOOLKIT to help cope with BIG emotions, negative self-talk, and diminishing self-believes (fixed mindset) mindfully. This will evoke YOUR children to feel calm, joyful, and grounded. Teaching children to be mindful means paying attention, with kindness and patience, to what's going on inside and outside of them right now. Therefore, being present.


Children and teens are now experiencing stress, worries, frustration, anger, and other big emotions. Mindfulness, yoga, and breathwork teach children powerful life long skills to de-stress and calm down by paying attention to their breath with focus and awareness. These tools encourage children and teens to navigate difficult emotions and impulses with ease and confidence. 



I believe that conscious parenting is more than getting children and young people to behave. It’s about connecting with children emotionally and recognising triggers. This is of particular importance when their brains are developing from infancy, and the toddler stage, through to adolescence.

The path to mindful parenting

As the founder of Mindful and Conscious Parenting, I am honoured to be empowering families to raise blissful, confident and resilient children. I was born in Congo and my parents immigrated to the UK. I have lived in Sydney, Australia for a decade before making the sea change to Zurich, Switzerland.

I hold a degree in BSc Psychology, specialising in the field of Social Work specifically with families, children & young people. Since 2006, I have dedicated myself to helping parents & carers feel more empowered and fulfilled through my work in trauma-informed practices and cognitive behavioural techniques. I am also a certified Kid’s Yoga Teacher, 200 hours Yoga Teacher Trainer and Teaching Children Meditation. I have a Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education, which enhanced my knowledge of children’s holistic development and well-being.

During my Social Work career, I developed a passion for holistic therapies, mindfulness and yoga. After seeing how these could lead to better outcomes in one’s body, mind and spirit. Mindfulness helps children and young people build empathy and manage everyday emotions. I hope that mindfulness will one day be a part of the school curriculum starting from preschool as the benefits are profound. Yoga practice reduces the physiological stress response. The mental practice in yoga assists with emotional well-being. These skills give children and young people control of their well-being and they learn that they have the power to feel grounded and blissful.

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