mindfulness, calming, focus & emotional regulation 

Fun mindful activities, yoga poses, breathing exercises, relaxation scripts, and tips for kids, parents, and educators to help teach important skills. Finding my calm toolkit is to help your kids build emotional intelligence and confidence. My hope is to bring a sense of calmness to your homes and classrooms. Research has shown that mindfulness helps children sleep better, feel less worried, concentrate better in class, builds strong relationships, feel happier and more confident within themselves. Send an email to mindfulandconsciousparenting@gmail.com indicating you would like a toolkit.






















So what are you waiting for? Grab your mindful toolkit today and start building your child’s emotional intelligence with these simple, fun and interactive activities. Set your child up for life and give them the foundations they need to thrive with just a few clicks. The HOME TOOLKIT is sent digitally ONLY for 49 CHF or 79 CHF if you would like the toolkit to be posted (postage included).