What parents/carers/work colleagues/friends are saying

Natalie (Mum), Switzerland

Sonal’s understanding for children and families gained through 14 years of Social Work experience; her personal love for mindfulness, yoga, health and everything grounding and her emotional intelligence, gentleness, inquisitiveness and fun nature, makes Sonal an absolute treasure to have as a carer and role model to children and the rest of the family.

Sonal always went beyond the call of duty of a nanny and took it in her stride to teach, care for and love Ella every day. Her extensive knowledge and intuition in taking care of the emotional and educational needs of children meant that Ella learnt and enjoyed exciting activities and grounding experiences with Sonal.


My husband and I often sought her knowledge and experience in navigating all the developments of Ella from activities to meals, to managing emotions and routines.


Sonal is a teacher and a carer by nature and we highly recommend her to every family that will appreciate her vast experiences and kindness

Steffi (Mum), Switzerland

I met Sonal as a nanny for a toddler the same age as mine. Sometimes I’m just not sure if I do everything right or how to communicate with a 20-month-old toddler. That’s where Sonal comes in. I love the way she gives advice to children’s development. Talking to her about how to talk to my little one or how to entertain her according to her age made me feel much much better inside. As a young adult you sometimes just don’t know if you do everything the right way. Talking to Sonal makes me feel understood and she always helps me in a very comforting way. She taught me the language which I can use when talking to my little one. I feel relaxed when she reassures me about how my little girl is developing.

I can truly recommend Sonal as a teacher. I experience her as a woman full of love and understanding for children and their development. I love her positive energy and how she is able to comfort me when times are tough. When I’m not sure about how to handle specific topics like tantrums, it makes me feel better after I talked to Sonal about it. Also, my little one adores Sonal. Sonal is very qualified as a mindful parenting teacher. Working together with children all over the world as a social worker and now a nanny in Switzerland gives her so much experience and knowledge about children’s development.

Hetal (Mum), UK

Sonal has been practising mindfulness activities like yoga with my son, which has been very empowering in helping him to channel himself differently and creatively