Let's become conscious parents and raise mindful children

Children need help to self-regulate and understand their emotions. Therefore, adopting mindfulness, breathwork, yoga and relaxation techniques teaches children the skills on how to cope with their big emotions. All parents want their children to be confident, blissful and resilient. Therefore, practicing mindfulness, yoga and breathwork result in calmer, happier and peaceful children. Children learn they have the power to evoke peace within their hearts, after all, 'peace begins with me' (Kidding Around Yoga). 



Improve emotional development with self-awareness by recognising your emotions and how this can impact your thoughts and behaviours.

Learn how to communicate your emotions clearly to develop and maintain good relationships. 

Build empathy by picking up emotional cues, which shows an understanding of other's needs and concerns.  


Learn mindfulness tools to help cope with BIG emotions.  



Start the day with feeling grounded. Teach your children and teens how to feel strong, focussed and confident. 

Strengthen your children's and teens concentration by practicing sensory awareness that stimulates the brain.

Open your children's and teens hearts by teaching them self-acceptance with kindness. 



Learn pranic breathing to calm the central nervous system.

Adopt mindful breaths to help your children and teens ease their busy minds. This will encourage them to feel restful and relaxed. 

Ride the waves of big emotions by teaching your children and teens mindful breaths to find calmness.


Optimise yoga sequences at home for a balanced mind, body and spirit.

Learn yoga poses for stress management and anxiety. 

Engage grounding and balancing poses, which evokes stability and safety

Practice mindfulness activities to build a connection with your children.

Adopt mindful activities for calmness, joy, kindness and emotional intelligence and regulation. 

Image by Tengyart
Children Meditating
Image by Kristin Wilson
Mother and Daughter Yoga