WHY mindfulness?

To feel Calmer, Blissful, & Balanced

Mindfulness teaches children and young people to de-stress and calm down, manage challenging emotions, control impulsive behaviours, focus on what matters and nurture empathy, kindness, and build a positive mindset. I will introduce many mindful games and activities that are age-appropriate and fun!

The benefits of mindfulness practice for children and young people are:

* Improving sleep

* Managing thoughts and feelings

* Building self-esteem

* Learning to relax

* Having more balanced energy

* Improved focus and concentration


Children and young people respond to frustration by crying, shouting, and tantrums. When they learn healthy breathing techniques to focus the mind, they begin to learn how to apply these tools in their everyday lives and to react appropriately to any situation. Having more oxygen in our body enhances our mood and our ability to focus, and increases our capacity to relax both our body and our mind. During our one to one sessions, I will be teaching you the power of breath to reduce emotions, induce sleep and energise body, mind, and spirit.

Kids Blowing Bubbles